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November 27, 2012


Antonia Shusta

The social agenda that you mention - choice on abortion, "creationism," and gay marriage, are not fundamental tenets for most Republicans. I had been a registered Democrat myself for most of my life and found that the extreme left positions of much of that party no longer reflected my values. Like Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico, I found that the Democrats had moved far, far away from my values. At the same time, I think the deficit and continued spending of our Federal government is such a potentially catastrophic issue that I can't believe either party is wasting a single breath talking about social issues! The very act of our Treasury Secretary proposing that we immediately raise taxes and defer spending cut discussions (and it's more about the pace of increas, not even real cuts) is grossly irresponsible. The raise taxes on the rich raises $80 billion - roughly 8 days of spending - that doesn't change anything fundamental. Such approaches make this president sound ignorant, ideological or both. The incredible absence of leadership - especially after the election - is truly baffling.

One further topic: abortion. In many ways I think baby boomers are still fighting the issues of the 1960's after fifty years. While I do not think that abortion should be illegal, I have troubling questions that no one could have asked in 1968. Today birth control is ubiquitous - and cheap if not free. Why do so many women still need abortions? Abortions have not become "safe, legal, and rare," they appear to have become a method of birth control. Also, current medical practices can save premature babies at five months - but it's legal to abort a fetus at 5 months. So, what is it: a baby or a fetus? This reality of modern science needs far more discussion. In our American world of today we try to minimize risk and structure society so there are minimal negative consequences to our choices, but somethings cannot be denied.

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