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December 23, 2012



steve, i wish u and your family a peaceful and blessed holiday..your posts seem so relevant during times when i find i need it. mom is defying the dr.s, and family, as she sweetly smiles, and is in a non-pain or hospital situation...is quality of death what she is in? as a mom, we want to hang onto the good days she has, still eating blended food bit by bit..we certainly had a long time to accept this. i am ok with her quitetly passing away...her quality of life depends on what we have to compare with it..things at home are stable, and john is physically stronger and mobile. he even drives the car..so, i have very mixed feelings now, when i try to figure out his death process..he is without a douubt, not the man i married in any way. is it wrong to hope he passes away soon? he even asked for a divorce..(almost funny)..thank you again for sharing your insightful posts...hope to see you soon.. ronnie

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